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Police Officer charged for murder

Three weeks after the death of Special Services Unit (SSU) Police Constable (PC) 494 Kingsley ‘King John’ John 27, of Dickson, St Vincent and the Grenadines, his fellow officer, (SSU) Police Constable Rohan McDowall has been charged.

Last Tuesday 24th August, PC Mc Dowall appeared before the Serious Offences Court where three charges were read to him, one was murder, he was also charged with the use of a firearm with intent to commit an offence and unlawfully discharging a firearm at Kingsley John.

This after Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Colin Williams, stated that he had instructed the police to charge McDowall for the shooting death of his SSU colleague.

PC 494  John’s death occurred on August 7, 2010, at the Biabou Police Station, after receiving a single shot, to the stomach.
Reports are that John, was killed with an M4 assault rifle shortly after he and other members of his unit had returned from a drug raid in the area.
McDowall however was not remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown, but is said to be custody at the Mesopotamia Police Station, until the PI on November 3, 2010.
McDowalll was said to be give special protection by his fellow mates as he was shield from the media and curious persons who gathered, and was quickly whisked away in a white Toyota Corolla vehicle, while other officers stood outside the courtroom.
Mc Dowall was represented by Lawyer Richard Williams.

Police Officer’s death being investigated

PC Kingley John who was shot at the Biabou Police Station

The circumstances surrounding the death of police officer Kingsley John of Dickson, who died as a result of a gun shot to the stomach are still very sketchy.

The 26-year-old, affectionately called ‘king John’ was assigned to the Special Service Unit (SSU) branch of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF), at the time of the incident.

Its apparent that John who has been with the RSVGPF for seven years, and another office were carrying out a raid in the Biabou area sometime after 8;00am last Saturday, when John was accidentally shot.

Reports are that the RSVGPF, are carrying out investigations into the incident.

John the father of a two month old baby boy, will be buried on Saturday 21st July.


Still no sign of missing plane and pilot

Reports out of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), are that the search and rescue off the coast of mainland St Vincent has been unsuccessful.

The team that has been looking for the light aircraft that disappeared while on its way to Canouan, have still not found the plane, piloted at the time by Vincentian Captain Suresh Lakhram.

The aircraft with the lone occupant being Lakhram was travelling to Canouan to transport a bicyclist who was involved in an accident when it reportedly developed problems.

The bicyclist who was from the mainland St Vincent, died as a result of the accident, in Canouan.


The search continues for the SVG Air plane

The Search for Pilot Rudolph Suresh Lakhram, who was verified as the lone person on the SVG Air plane that disappear shortly after leaving St Vincent on its way to the Grenadine Island of canouan, to transport an accident victim to mainland St Vincent for treatment continues.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Securiity, Godfred Pompey earlier today said that Coastgraud is continuing its search for the aircraft. Pompey also disclosed that pieces of debris were found off the coast of Mustique another Grenadine Island.

Officials from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority were expected in SVG today to investigate the cause of the crash.

Reports are also that the victim who was injuried in the accident in Canouan has since died.


News Flash !!!!! Plane disappears in SVG airspace

News out of  St. Vincent and the Grenadines is that a SVG AIR chartered flight heading for Canouan to transport an injuried man to Mainland St Vincent disappeared after the pilot reported problems.

The small plane apparantly only had one person on board, the pilot who is believed to be Vincentian.

Reports are that the plane never got to Canouan and the injuried person crumbed to his injuries.


Gibson patiently strides back to his mark

Players from BCL along with Cleo Richards ( Gibsons girlfriend)
Stephen Gibson standing on his own

It was a smiling and jovial Patrick Stephen ‘Benny’ Gibson that sent the day in Brooklyn New York NY on Sunday 25th July, one day shy of the day he was struck by lightening one year ago at Marine Park NY while playing Cricket for the Vincy team Stars.
For Gibson, who was an ardent cricketer, it was his first day playing for this team; he however competed in various softball competitions with other teams.
That tragic day in 2009, opened as many other summer days, sunny, there was however a preview of thunderstorms.

Stars were playing another Vincy team the newly formed Middlesex, when the rain came pouring down and players and onlookers alike had to run for cover under the tent.
As the rain and wind began to intensify person began to seek cover in the vehicles nearby, Gibson was one of those persons. It was while he was run towards the vehicles that the lightening struck, tossing him to the ground unresponsive.
It was the unremarkable and selfless efforts of Patrice Redhead and Joseph Shortte that revived Gibson.
The road to recovery since that Sunday has been a slow, trying and painful one for the 42-year-old Vincentian, who now resided in the USA. The former Dauphine resident has however fought it with strength and resilience.
Last Sunday, when he came to Brooklyn, NY, from Roosevelt Island, where he has been since he left Belle View hospital late last year, it was a day filled with joy.
It was also a busy day. Gibson went to church at the New Hope Pentecostal, in East New York on Lovina Ave, he visited his former landlord at his own apartment and then he spent the late afternoon on Troy Ave at his girlfriend where he had a large array of visitors until it was time to return to Roosevelt Island in the early evening hours.
“The day was good, I enjoyed the service, the pastor peached good,” he said of his day. Adding that ‘ he enjoyed ‘the food’.
When asked about what he missed most ‘everything’ he said, he commented that its “boring’ where he is.
This may have pushed Gibson to set a goal “to walk by the end of August.”
Seeing his friends all of whom he was able to call by name was also a highlight of his day. Despite not being able to walk on his own Gibson was not despondent, he was his usual jovial self, that most remembered, as he made funny comments and statements.
Girlfriend Cleopatra Richards, who have since the incident, been at Gibson’s side untiringly made a few comments.

She explained that,  she “would love for persons to become more involved in Patrick’s life. It’s not about being in a hospital bed. Lots of prayers went up for him and you see the results”
She thanked persons and urged them to continue to support Gibson.
President of the Brooklyn Cricket League (BCL) Carlton Samuel said, “the organisation is committed as best as we can and will continue to do so.
“I tried on a limited basic to monitor his progress, I should probably try to do better. Cleo knows we are just a phone call away”
He promised to bring the 18 clubs involved in the 2010 season updated on Gibson’s progress and seek to get there input however possible.
Also expressing thanks was cousin Jennifer Gibson -Williams. She thank God for bring Gibson so far.
” On behalf of the family I want to thank Cleo who unselfishly went beyond the call. You are the most loving, caring and compassionate person I know. We Love You,” Gibson -Williams said of Richards who on a daily basic visits Gibson at whatever institution, no matter the weather.
Secretary of BCL Patrick Sutherland also promised the support, “in one way or the other’. Other player present also added their voices to the comments.
Former teammate Leroy Neverson of Stars Cricket Club, which since the incident has been revamped and renamed Queensbury, brought back sad memories when he presented Gibson with what remained of the hat he was wearing on that awful day in 2009.
Upon seeing it was the only time his mood changed,  but he quickly recovered and sadly recalled, “I had a red one like this too.”

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Six off to Orlando compliments ASA

Vincetian-Born NBA player Adonal Foyle

Six Youngsters are now better equipped with the basics training aimed at becoming successful basketball players compliments of the All-Stars Student Athletes (ASA) a programme ran by the Kerosene Lamp Foundation, founded by Vincentian –born NBA player, Adonal Foyle.
With the main objectives being turning promising young basketball players into successful student-athletes and provide future opportunities for scholarships to help pave the way to their individual success, the five males and one female travelled from St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to Orlando, USA for a two- week summer camp.
Leandru Edwards – Calliaqua, and Azizah Stowe – Union Island, Nemiah Alexander – Mayreau, Consolo Adams – Barrouallie, Jemmile France – Bequia, Zanif Sandy –  Canouan  were accompanied by chaperones Michael Penniston of Bequia and Owen Isaacs of Mayreau.
The selection of these youths stemmed from the annual Island summer camps that were held in SVG.
Other than training in basketball the experience is seen as, a cultural exchange, an academic assessment, as well as exposure to a higher level of Basketball.
The on and off the field programme also involves, educational field trips to the University of Central Florida and the Kennedy Space Center. Other fun activities include trips to Universal Studios, Cirque du Soleil and Animal Kingdom.
Foyle is expected to be on hand, as he will be working with the student-athletes individually and in group settings in motivational sessions and goal setting.
Following their return, the six basketballers, will be tracked and other support systems is expected to be put in place to ensure their continued success.

The ASA programme follows last year’s launch in SVG, of the Adonal All -Star Achievement (AAA), in collaboration with the Adult and Continuing Education in the Ministry of Education, aimed at motivating out of school persons, mainly aged 15 to 27, to take classes to improve their reading skills.

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