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Another businessman beaten in SVG

Another businessman in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), has fall prey to robberies, the second in a week.

Last Sunday January, 16, 2011, Clarence Straker, a 69 -year-old Vermont resident, was awaken in the wee hours of the morning to the horror of two intruders in his home.

For Straker and his wife the next couple of minutes will be long remembered as the men demanded money and tortured them.

Straker, who operates a shop as well as sell gas, had his face covered with the sheet as the men demanded cash. He apparently told them that he had none as he had uses the cash to purchase gas. His wife however disclosed that there was $200.00 in a bag, which the men took.

Reportedly Straker, attempted to get away from the intruders and was shot in the leg by one of the three bullets that was fired. He was also beaten badly with a cultass in head and face. He sustained cuts to his fingers and arms.

Not satisfied they men took the keys to the shop and proceeded to steal a quantity of items from the it.

Straker, is counting his blessing to be alive, but had to be hospitalized after the terrifying incident.

A few days earlier on Tuesday January 11th, a businessman from Queens Drive was also victims of and attack in his home.

He too was robbed and beaten and had to be hospitalized with injuries to a finger, the head, neck and face.


Youth airlifted to Barbados for medical attention

A 12-year-old Vincentian youth is said to still be in a coma after been rushed to Barbados almost two weeks ago.

According to reports, Givorny Nimblett, a first form student at the Thomas Saunder Secondary School was returning home after going to the shop to make a purchase, when he was struck by a vehicle in the area of Yvonne Francis Gibson at Fountain.

Nimblett who was said to be struck a few yards from his home, was apparently left helpless on the ground by the driver. Reports are that the driver of the vehicle, stopped briefly and spoke someone then left the scene.

Apparently it was a passenger in a mini van, who stopped it and came to the youngsters assistance, rushing him to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

His condition was apparently so serious that he was later airlifted to the Barbados.

Earlier this week Coville “Smallie” Jackson, appeared before the Mesopotamia Magistrate Court in relation to driving the vehicle, that was believed to be involved in the accident, without permission.

Prior to the incident, reports are that the said vehicle that was involved in the accident was given to a male attendant at the Levi Latham Health Center in Mesopotamia, by a doctor, to be cleaned. He apparently drove the vehicle away from the Hospital compound.


Vincy nabbed in T&T with drugs

Last Saturday 15th January, 2011, a Vincentian national, was arrested and charge in the Twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago after he was caught at the Piarco International Airport with some one million worth of Cocaine.

The 52-year-old man was reportedly appeared before an Arima Magistrate today Tuesday 18th, charged with ‘attempting to export cocaine as well as possession of such,’ was said to be bound for Pearson International in Toronto, Canada.

The man who had just disembarked from a Liat Flight from SVG and was intransit was said to have been ‘looking  suspicious’.

The authorities decided to search his bag and a quality of Cocaine was discovered.


SVG Business man beaten and robbed

ON Monday 10th January 2011, a businessman of Queen’s Drive in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), was awoken by two men armed with a gun and a knife.

The men apparently demanded cash, but were reported dissatisfied with the amount they received and showed their by displeasure by showering him with blows and threatening to kill him.

Apparently it was after they were told that there was money at the office, that the beating stopped and they left to go in search of the money. But not before they searched his home, stealing his jewellery and bounding, gagging and tying him to the bed.

They however did not do a good job of securing the businessman as he was able to used his teeth to loose his hands.

The ordeal got worse as the businessman had to struggled to get through a bedroom window and jumped over 10feet to the ground, in order to get his neighbours attention and assitance.

The man who was home alone, had to be hospitalized after the incident.

Reports are that the men did not enter the office, and his car which they apparenly took was found in Wilson Hill in Kingstown.


Mauled body identified

A mauled body that was recently found in Murray Road, in Capital City Kingstown, in St Vincent and the Grenadines, has been identified as that of 41-year-old Sylvester Lee of the same address.

Lee’s, lifeless body was found lying face down on the premises of Joyette’s Auto Collision Works by an employee, and was said to ‘beyond recognition’ and appeared to have been eaten by animals.

Apparently Lee had a run in with dogs that are keep on the Joyette’s premises.

The father of two was later identified, bringing a closure to the mystery surrounding the mauled body found days earlier.

Meanwhile two weeks, after the partially decomposed corpse of a man was found close to the
main road at Indian Bay, police are still trying to determine his identity.
On January 5, 2011,  the man’s lifeless corpse was discovered, dressed in a green T-shirt and navy blue pants.

SVG, Police are said to be following a number of leads as they try to ascertain the individual’s identity.


Body found

Yet another body have been found in St Vincent and the Grenadines SVG.

Reports out of SVG, are that a body have been discovered in the area of the Joyette’s Garage at Murray Rd. Police have been unable to state the gender of the body as it is said that, “it appears to have been eaten by animals”.

Since the start of 2011, some three bodies have been discovered in SVG.

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Vincy Ex-sportman died in NY

Former Vincentian cricketer and footballer (soccer), Vibert Williams, has died in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Williams 59, formerly of New Montrose, died on the dawn of the new year, after being hospitalized at the Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn.

Williams in his formative years, represented his school the Boys’ Grammar School, the famous soccer teams of Superstars and Taffari. He also represented Montrose  at cricket.  At one time he was a goal keeper for Sion Hill. His love of sports saw him including Dominoes and card games as his interests.

Williams a father of four, was also a former employee of St Vincent Banana Growers Association.

Williams will be laid to rest in NY, on Saturday following a funeral Service, this Friday 14th January, 2011, at the St Mark’s United Methodist Church, 2017 Beverley Rd, between Ocean Ave and East 21 st.

Viewing is from 4-7 pm following by the Service at 7;30pm.

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