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Another Windies player out

Allrounder Dwayne Bravo, is the latest of the West Indies cricketers to be injured during the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Bravo injured his knee yesterday Thursday during the Windies match against South Africa. Bravo who was bowling at the time, was lead off the field and took no further part in the game. He has now been ruled out for the next four weeks. With this injury it is unlikely that Bravo will be able to take part in the league phase of the tournament.

Bravo’s injury comes on the heels of wicketkeeper Carlton Baugh and opener Adrian Barath, who have had to returned home due to injuries prior to this match.

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Girlfriend questioned about stabbing of boyfriend

18-year-old Kianna Sam was earlier this week questioned and released by police in St Vincent and the Grenadines in relation to the stabbing death of her boyfriend 21-year-old Gerrard Acquah.

Canadian-born Acquah, born dies on Thursday 17th February after receiving a stab wound to his neck. Reports are that both Sam and Acquah the parents of a two month old baby boy, were involved in an argument which escalated into a fight, during which Acquah was stabbed.

Acquah, succumbed, to his injuries shortly after, at the Health Center in Union Island.

Sam and Acquah, are said to have had an off and on again troubled relationship.


Indian man has 39 wives


A man from Mizoram, (one of the Seven Sister States in North Eastern India) is said to have the largest family in the world.

Ziona Chana family consists of 39 wives, 94 children,  33 grandchildren and 14 daughters-in-law.

The family lives which is said to live in a 100 room, four story house, with the wives living in a commune style  dormitories.

Chana, who is said to have married up to ten women in one year, enjoys the comfort of  his own double bed in his own section of the 100 room dwelling.

The younger of his wives are apparantly kept closer to his bedroom, while the older wives sleep futher away. A rotation system is used to regulate visits to Chana bedroom.

Reports are that the family is ran by an almost military system discipline, with the oldest wife, organising and delegating the hosehold chores such as washing cooking and cleaning.

Cooking for one meals can be a huge task with about 220 lbs of rice, some 30 chicken, and over 130 lbs of potaotoes.

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Union Island man stabbed.

A domestic dispute on the Grenadine Island of Union Island has left one man dead.

23-year-old Gerad Aqua, died at the Clinton Clinic, in Union Island after apparently been stabbed on the right side of his neck by his mate during a domestic dispute.

Police are said to be still carrying out investigations into the matter and a Post Mortem is also expected to be performed on the body.


NDP Candiate robbed

Just a few days following the tragic incident in Marriaqua that left Edwin ‘Palmer’ Robinson dead, bandits in that area have struck again.

This time, NDP candiate for Marriaqua in the just concluded, December 2010 General Election Curtis Bowman, a resident of Richland Park, awoke to two persons with cutlass in his bedroom.

 Bowman a pharmacist, reportedly, was awaken in the wee hours of the morning, to two masked assailants, in the bedroom  .

He apparently decided to take on the robberies and decided to approach them, it was at that point that they decided to flee the scene. Upon fleeing Bowman realised there was a third assailant.

Before Bowman had awaken the perons had already gone through the dinning and living rooms.

They are said to have gotten away with four cellular and an undisclosed sum of cash.

At the time of the robbery, Bowman, his pregrant wife and 3-year-old son were at his resident.


Missing Fisherman found safely

After two days at sea,  the two vincy fishermen that were reportedly missing are safely back with their families.

2003 fisherman of the year, 60-year-old Esmond Andrews and Collinford Fernandez 39, were rescued just off Canouan. Both men had sought comfort on a rock behind the Canouan airport after the raft they were on, capsized.

The men ordeal began after their boat “Bless Jah” sank leaving them hanging to the raft, which also later  failed themwhen it capsized.


Two new faces on SVG’s Cricket executive

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association has two new members on its executive.
Windwards and SVG national player Kenroy Martin along with sportman Andrew Bramble are now committee members on that body following its Annually General Meeting last Saturday 12th February, 2011.
Martin and Bramble, filled the positions previously held by George Byron and Roger Davis, who did not seek re-election. Cecil Charles and Calvin Glasgow were re-elected as the other committee members.
The other members of the immediate past executive were returned, with President Julian Jack, returning unopposed. This Jack’s fourth consecutive term.
First Vice President is Elson Crick, defeated Ortis Jack to retain his position.
Second Vice President Selwyn Allen and Secretary Samuel Holder returned to their position unopposed, Thaddeus Seymour is Assistance Secretary. Rawle Caine is Treasurer, a spot he held temporarily after the position became vacant with the departure of Daniel Mc Millian.
Mc Millian let to pursue studies overseas.
The executive will serve for the next two years.
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