Calypso Crown heading to North Windward

07 Jul

Maxwell "Tajoe' Francis

Primary school teacher and folklorist, Maxwell “ Tajoe “ Francis,  who hails from the most northern part of mainland St Vincent is now wearing the Calypso Monarch title with much pride.

Last Sunday night,’ Tajoe’, well delivered and emotional rendition of ‘Memoirs of an addict’ in the first round, left many persons feeling that he took that round and was the clear leader going into round two.
The rendition of his other song, which like the first was written by him, ‘Tell me if I’m wrong’ had patrons at Victoria Park in loud applause.
 At the end of the night it was clear that ‘Tajo’ was not only the people’s choice, but the judges as well, as they placed the Fancy resident in position number one.
A one time dub artiste, ‘Tajoe’ in an interview following his win said he “fell in love with Calypso after attending a tent show at Lyric.”
Known for his zeal and drive with youngsters in the Junior calypso and Soca competitions, ‘Tajoe’, has now created was he claimed is “history as the Monarch is going above the Dry River for the first time”.
“It’s a joy for me, I am doing this for the people North of the river as I represent my people and people over the Dry River (Rabacca River),” Tajo expressed.
Tajoe, who sings with the Graduates tent spoke of how difficult it was for him to travel to Kingstown for Practise on a regular basic. His persistence has however paid off, as he now wear the 2011 Calypso monarch title.
Seen as another virtual newcomer to the Senior Calypso scene Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, came in the Second spot. While the name Skarpyon is not a new one to the entertainment scene, calypso has not been his scene for quite a while. And,  surely not the senior competition. It was his first feat in the finals.
Skarpyon delivery of ‘Pan Dreams’ and ‘”What we have’, were that of a very seasoned Calypsonian, and it was this kind of classy performance that placed him in position number two behind ‘Tajoe’
Former Monarch, Bridgette ‘Joy-C’ Creese, had to settle for third place, after been outsang by ‘Tajo’ and ‘Skarpyon’.Another female Aurella “Queen B’ Beache, took the fourth position, its the first time that ‘Queen B, was in the Calypso finals.

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