Vincy Stalwart/ Proprietor passes in NY

15 Jul
 The Vincentian community in Brooklyn, NY, is still in a state of shock over the passing of one of it stalwart business man.
Douglas Ancil Clouden Sr better known as “Nick”  proprietor of Vincy Bakery- St Vincent Bakery on Nostrand Ave, New York, USA died on Sunday 3rd July after been admitted to Downstate Hospital on the previous Thursday 30th June.
For many it is still a surprise, as Nick seem to be in the pink of health, up to hours, prior to being admitted.
Daughter Kerline “Tina’ Clouden, said that Thursday morning began as usual with breakfast and him leaving home as normal.
She said later she received a call from her dad saying “Your daddy don’t feel well”. That was to be one of the last conversations she had with him.
After taking him to the emergency room and he was admitted, his condition worsen.
“He was full of life, everyone loved him, he always joking around and he love helping people.”
“It took a lot to get my dad angry he was always in a joyful mood,” Tina said of her dad.
While Nick was loved and cherished by many, there is one among them, who notable is mourning the loss of someone who was “truely like a brother”. Dave Rodriguez has been at the establishment owned by Nick since 1992, but his friendship with Nick span over three decades.Dave has been a fixture at the Bakery since it was Authur’s Bakery back in the 80’s and he was still residing in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Dave who could be described as the Manager and all other positions, recalled his last conversation with Nick on Thursday, “he left me here saying he going to Queens,” Later it was his daughter who called me to tell me he was in the emergency room.
“He seemed ok, he was complaining or crying for any pain, He was the normal, he looked as if something was wrong.’
” I never got to speak to him again, that’s the difficult part. We saw each other every day and spoke often. I really miss him,” Dave who many is morning silently, lamented sadly.
Dave share the sentiments of daughter Tina, “Nick was always a cool, sincere person, he never turn anyone away. We have the same kind of attitude I guess that why we connect so, Dave speak of the bond they shared.
Nick was a former student of the Emmanuel High School in SVG. He migrated to the USA in 1966, to study Air-Condition and Engineering. A former employee with Pacific Ball (now known as Verizon), Nick retired in November 2010, after over 35 years of service.
In 1982, along with his nephew Arthur’s he branched off into the business field when they opened the Bakery.
An ace cricketer, he was one of the founding member of the Cavalier’s Sport Club, and served as Captain for several years.
The Father of twelve was laid to rest last Friday after a service at the St Marks United Methodist Church on Beverly Road where Pastor Glyger Beache and Deputy Consul General and Pastor Edson Augustus presided.
The Deputy also read a message from the consulate.
Vincy Bakery/St Vincent Bakery does not only provide persons with delicacies, and Vincy Newspapers, it serves as a hub for much Vincy and Caribbean discussion and debates on sports, politics and many others

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