Duke and Dutchess vacationing on Mustique, SVG

06 Feb

The Duke and Duchess, Prince William and Kate Middleton is said to be basking in the Eastern Caribbean on the Beautiful Island of Mustique. Mustique is one of the 32 islands and cays that make up the wonderful luscious St Vincent and the Grenadines .

The pair is said to have gone to Mustique for a relaxing winter getaway, prior to the arrival of their first child, due in July 2013. Seen as a welcomed getaway following the 31 –year – old Duchess of Cambridge hospitalization late last year following severe morning sickness problems.

The couple joined the Middleton the Dutchess’ parents on this luxcious vacation in Paradise.  No stranger to Mustique, this is said to be Will and Kate’s seven trip to the island, they were there as resent as last year. Mustique is seen as a Middleton tradition for a number of years  now.

Mustique is known for its famour names who frequent the islands, some such names that Migger Jaggar, Amy Winehouse and Bill Gates


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