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Calypso Crown heading to North Windward

Maxwell "Tajoe' Francis

Primary school teacher and folklorist, Maxwell “ Tajoe “ Francis,  who hails from the most northern part of mainland St Vincent is now wearing the Calypso Monarch title with much pride.

Last Sunday night,’ Tajoe’, well delivered and emotional rendition of ‘Memoirs of an addict’ in the first round, left many persons feeling that he took that round and was the clear leader going into round two.
The rendition of his other song, which like the first was written by him, ‘Tell me if I’m wrong’ had patrons at Victoria Park in loud applause.
 At the end of the night it was clear that ‘Tajo’ was not only the people’s choice, but the judges as well, as they placed the Fancy resident in position number one.
A one time dub artiste, ‘Tajoe’ in an interview following his win said he “fell in love with Calypso after attending a tent show at Lyric.”
Known for his zeal and drive with youngsters in the Junior calypso and Soca competitions, ‘Tajoe’, has now created was he claimed is “history as the Monarch is going above the Dry River for the first time”.
“It’s a joy for me, I am doing this for the people North of the river as I represent my people and people over the Dry River (Rabacca River),” Tajo expressed.
Tajoe, who sings with the Graduates tent spoke of how difficult it was for him to travel to Kingstown for Practise on a regular basic. His persistence has however paid off, as he now wear the 2011 Calypso monarch title.
Seen as another virtual newcomer to the Senior Calypso scene Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, came in the Second spot. While the name Skarpyon is not a new one to the entertainment scene, calypso has not been his scene for quite a while. And,  surely not the senior competition. It was his first feat in the finals.
Skarpyon delivery of ‘Pan Dreams’ and ‘”What we have’, were that of a very seasoned Calypsonian, and it was this kind of classy performance that placed him in position number two behind ‘Tajoe’
Former Monarch, Bridgette ‘Joy-C’ Creese, had to settle for third place, after been outsang by ‘Tajo’ and ‘Skarpyon’.Another female Aurella “Queen B’ Beache, took the fourth position, its the first time that ‘Queen B, was in the Calypso finals.

Order of appearance for Calypso Monarch

This is the order of appearance for tonight’s show, Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey, Javelle ‘Lady Diamond’ Frank, Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, Aurella ‘Queen B’ Beache, Joy-C, Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar, Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts, Michael ‘Lord Have Mercy’ Ollivierre, Elliot ‘Mystery’ Shallow, Carlos ‘Rejector’ Providence and Maxwell ‘Tajo’ Francis.


Vincy Mas in high gear

VIncy Mas 2011 intensifies as the count down continue to the grand finally in two days time.

Tomorrow Monday 4th July begins with J’Ouvert beginning at 4;ooam. This will continue with Monday evening street jump up from 4;oopm. Monday street party features the t-shirts bands, some of the bands are Lime, Mustique Company, Foreign Base 1 and 2, Building and Loan GHS, Fun Time Promotions and the CDC NLA Band.
The Curtains comes down on Tuesday July 5th, with Mardi Gras at the Victoria Park from 10 a.m. with steel band music.Some 13  bands Guinness/Y De Lima/Hitz FM 103.7 Blonde Bird & Friends, KFC Heineken Dragons, SVG General Services Players International, Digicel / Hitz FM 103.7 Nelson Bloc, Mirage Productions, Owen Ralph and the Professionals, Beautex International, Sting Power-Searchlight Tribes Carnival Band, Imagination, Ahdrenalin Mas, Melbourne Artisans, Xtreme Fanatics and Aunt Jobe’s Market/ Metrocint General Insurance Co Ltd High Voltage Mas Band, are set to cross the stage at Victoria Park, from about 11 a.m..
The 2011 Carnival celebrations end on Tuesday July 5th at 10 p.m.


Calypso Monarch clash tonight in Dimanche Gras

-The count down has begun as ten Calypsians take the stage at Carnival City Victoria Park, in an attempt to dethrone current Monarch Bridgette ‘Joy C’ Creese, and capture the title of 2011 Calypso Monarch in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

As part of tonight Sunday 3rd July, Dimanche Gras show, two other females along with eight males will take reigning monarch Joy-C to task as they aim to stop her from doing the hat-trick.

On stage will be three former Monarches Michael ‘Lord of Mercy’  Ollivierre, Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Ceasar, and Carlos ‘Rejector’ Providence. Veterans, Kingsley Hero’ Roberts and Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey are also on the card.

Elliott ‘Mystery’ Shallow is making his comeback

Newcomers females Javelle ‘Lady Diamond’ Frank Aurella “Queen B’ Beache, along with Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams and Maxwell ‘Tajo’ Francis make up tonights cast.

The King and Queen of the Bands are also a major part of Dimanche Gras, some thirteen mas bands will participate. Following which persons take to the streets of Kingstown for J’Ouvert from 4am.




18 Rumble in Victoria

Vincy Mas 2011, is now in full gear, as tonight Saturday 2nd July, 2011, seventeen soca artiste are all charged up to keep three times soca monarch title holder Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle from making it four in a row.
Former soca monarch Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper, will bring out the ‘Animal in him in an effort to regain the title.
Joining him in that feat is another former monarch, Raeon ‘Maddzart’ Primus will perform ‘flock up de place’.
2011 Raga Soca and new song winner, Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams, will attempt to do a double take with his ‘Like it.’
Lornette ‘Fire Empress’ Nedd will show her ‘Colors’ as the lone female in this competition. James ” Jamesy P’ Morgan, taking ‘No Prisoners’, while Shertz ‘Problem Child’ James presents ‘We miserable’.
Godwin ‘Gao’ Oliver “with ‘Noon’, Lawrence ‘ Koyaba’ Jack, doing ‘Grandpa Cocoa’, Dennis Bowman ‘Do what ah want’ and Godfrey Dublin ‘ Any number cud play’ are some of the artiste who are no strangers to the artform.
Following the ravages caused by floods in Georgetown, last April, St. Clair “ Donkey man “ Lewis, will be hoping to do the same with Victoria Park, with his “ Georgetown Mash Up” .
Montgomery ‘Demus’ La Borde with ‘Dis is madness’, Edison ‘Lively’ Mc Dowall says to ‘Tek Dat’ and Jamal ‘Fimba’ Jardine says ‘Me nah eat’.
Also taking to the stage in the Soca Monarch quest will be Armstrong ‘Strong’ Williams performing “Tie Me”,  Strong won the soca session of the new song contest , at theofficial  launch of Vincy Mas 2011, back in May.
 Youthful but surely no stranger to the stage Hance John will ‘Jump’. Travis ‘ Whiz Kid’ Lynch is ‘Hype Up’ and ready to go.
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Steel and Glitter at Victoria Park tonight

Tonight  Thursday 30th June, 2011, the stage at Victoria Park, is set for the  Steel and Glitter Show as Vincy mas get into high gear.
A three in one package, persons will get a glimpses of not just the senior Steel Orchestra, but also the Mas Bands Section of the Year, plus a new addition “Soca Dance Off”.
Expected to participated in this year’s National Panorama Competition, is Dynamics Stars out of Union Island, who will make their dubbed at Panorama, coming back after a two year absence is Starlift Steel Orchestra, they will join the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, the Potential Steel Orchestra, the Elite Steel Orchestra and the South East Steel Orchestra.
The 12 Mas Bands vying for Section of the Year title are defending champions Guinness/Y De Lima/Hitz FM 103.7 Blonde Bird & Friends, KFC Heineken Dragons, SVG General Services Players International, Digicel / Hitz FM 103.7 Nelson Bloc, Aunt Jobe’s Market/ Metrocint General Insurance Co Ltd High Voltage Mas Band,  Sting Power-Searchlight Tribes Carnival Band, Imagination, Ahdrenalin Mas, Melbourne Artisans, Xtreme Fanatics, Owen Ralph and the Professionals, and Beautex International.
Despite being registered for the 2011 competition, Mirage Production will not be competing in the sections of the band category.
Five dance groups are expected to compete in the dance off.
Patrons will get an opportunity to see the Miss Carival Contestants as they will make an appearance.
The first 100 persons entering Victoria Park gets the opportunity to win tickets to the Miss Carival and Soca Monarch Shows on Friday 2nd July and Saturday 3rd July respectively.
Iron Giants pan side out of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), along with GAO, the New Sensation band and Godfrey Dublin are all guest artistes on tonight’s show.


Two female newcomer in the Big Yard

Female newcomers Queen B and Lady Diamond
Newly crowned East St George Calypso winner, Javelle ‘Lady Diamond’ Frank of the P’tani tent along with Aurella “Queen B’ Beache,  from the Upstage Tent,  made their debut into the finals of the National Calypso competition in grand style.
Both successfully carried on the torch for the women folk, following last Friday’s semi finals, dubbed” Fantastic Friday” , which was staged at the La Croix Boxing Plant.
Lady Diamond rendered “Teach us about Africa”, while Queen B dished out her “ Protest fuh Dat”.
Much to the delight of many, Elliott ‘Mystery’ Shallow is back after a number of years out of the competition. Mystery who also sing with the P’’tani tent is making a journey that he know very well as he has been in the final on many occasions.
His “rural and urban cry”, got the judges’ nod, and a place to challenge for the monarch.
Michael ‘Lord of Mercy’  Ollivierre, has made the journey back and it has taken him straight to the finals also. The 1980 calypso monarch, will add his second to” What we gonna do, which has got him thus far.
Newcomer to the Big Yard, Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams along with Maxwell ‘Tajo’ Francis, join veterans Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Ceasar, Carlos ‘Rejector’ Providence,  Kingsley Hero’ Roberts and Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey to complete the list.
At last Friday’s show “ Skarypon” sang “Pan Dream”, while “Tajoe”, recalled the “ Memoirs of an addict”.
Sulle rendered, “  Counting Chickens”, Rejector unleashed “ Hairouna”:Hero with his “ Mental Environment”, and Abijah in his usual biting social commentary, “ In this round”, were approved for the final rung to the ladder of being crown Calypso Monarch of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for 2011.
 The ten all come to the finals at “Carnival  City’ Victoria Park on July 3, prepared to stop Bridgette ‘Joy-C’ Creese, from doing the hat-trick. 
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