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Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister of Grenada Tillman Thomas

Prime Minister of Grenada Tillman Thomas

Two countries in the Eastern Caribbean are set to hold General Election later this month.

First is Grenada, who is set to go to the polls on Tuesday 19th February, 2013. Sources out of Grenada has indicated that the main opposition New National Party (NNP), seems likely to win the elections, dust putting the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) led by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas in oppostion.

Many Grenadians feel that the NNP will win by an even bigger margin than it had prior to their 2008 defeat.

Barbados will follow closely behind Grenada as they go to the polls two days later on Thursday 21st February, 2013.

This recent announcement of elections has ended months of speculation on the Caribbean island, as the fifth anniversary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), administration of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart came and past on January 15, 2013. Elections are constitutionally due ever five years. 

Since January 15, the BLP’s Parliamentary group has not attended sittings of the House of Assembly nor the Senate, contending that the Democratic Labour Party has entered into its sixth year of Government.

The DLP seeks its second term, while the opposition BLP aims to take office.


Caribbean Islands go to the polls


Duke and Dutchess vacationing on Mustique, SVG

The Duke and Duchess, Prince William and Kate Middleton is said to be basking in the Eastern Caribbean on the Beautiful Island of Mustique. Mustique is one of the 32 islands and cays that make up the wonderful luscious St Vincent and the Grenadines .

The pair is said to have gone to Mustique for a relaxing winter getaway, prior to the arrival of their first child, due in July 2013. Seen as a welcomed getaway following the 31 –year – old Duchess of Cambridge hospitalization late last year following severe morning sickness problems.

The couple joined the Middleton the Dutchess’ parents on this luxcious vacation in Paradise.  No stranger to Mustique, this is said to be Will and Kate’s seven trip to the island, they were there as resent as last year. Mustique is seen as a Middleton tradition for a number of years  now.

Mustique is known for its famour names who frequent the islands, some such names that Migger Jaggar, Amy Winehouse and Bill Gates


Vincies invovled in fatalities in T&T

According to news out of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), in separated incidents, two Vincentians died under tragic, circumstances.
Kirtland “Rude Boy” Forde 38 reportedly, died after being stabbed in the arm and chest.
The incident which occurred around 12:30am, last Friday, is said to have happened in Faustin Trace, Maravel, where Forde a mason, was stabbed during an altercation with some friends.
A group of friends were drinking and liming when an argument and a fight broke out. It was during this time Forde was stabbed with a knife.
Forde was rushed to the Hospital by a neighbour, where he was pronounced dead.
The T& T police feels an arrest is imminent.
When T&T, police responded to a report of gunshots around 9:30pm , last Wednesday 13th  June in the Beetham Gardens. They found the lifeless body of Vincentian Yrvin Feliciano Stephens.
The 33 year- old, along with another man 38- year-old, Trinidadian Sean Michael Sabazon, were found by the side of the road. Their feet were bound and they were lying face down on the ground.
Reportedly Sabazon’s, blue Peugeot , which was parked nearby, was on fire.
Some 17 rounds of spent 5.56 shells were also found at the scene. The ammunition is believed to be from powerful weapon similar to an AK-47 or Galil.
According to the Police both men are not from the area and they strongly believe they were there possible to buy drugs.


Miss Caribbean Amercia Culture Pageant tomorrow

Five of the contestants

L-R Yanique Crawford, Kurtlyn Baker, Tatianna John, Knia Antoine, Ashnique Gumbs

Seven Ladies are set to take the stage in the second annual Caribbean American Cultural (CAC) Beauty Pageant at Wingate Campus, this Saturday June 11th, 2011 at 6;oopm.

Selected from around the region, are Yanique Crawford representing Jamaica, Knia Antoine- Grenada, Kurtlyn Baker-Guyana, Carla Francois is St Lucia’s representative, Jolene Farrell represents the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, while Ashnique Gumbs and Tatianna John will represent St Vincent and the Grenadines.
This event which will see ladies from different Caribbean country via for the coverted title, aims to raised funds for the school to assist with scholarship. It is also geared at raising funds for the Antillian sports and Cultural Clubs and Mariners soccer club, as well as to assist the ladies with building their self esteem.
According to Co-ordinator of the show Yvonne Peters, the event araised from ‘the young ladies in netball club asking for an event, geared at young adults and teenagers, hence the idea and then the event.”
Peters explained that NY is a “diverse community with various cultures and it gaves the young people with Caribbean roots the opportunity to get involved and learn more about their roots.”

Up for grabs are Miss CAC, 1st runner up,  second runner up, Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality.

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Indian man has 39 wives


A man from Mizoram, (one of the Seven Sister States in North Eastern India) is said to have the largest family in the world.

Ziona Chana family consists of 39 wives, 94 children,  33 grandchildren and 14 daughters-in-law.

The family lives which is said to live in a 100 room, four story house, with the wives living in a commune style  dormitories.

Chana, who is said to have married up to ten women in one year, enjoys the comfort of  his own double bed in his own section of the 100 room dwelling.

The younger of his wives are apparantly kept closer to his bedroom, while the older wives sleep futher away. A rotation system is used to regulate visits to Chana bedroom.

Reports are that the family is ran by an almost military system discipline, with the oldest wife, organising and delegating the hosehold chores such as washing cooking and cleaning.

Cooking for one meals can be a huge task with about 220 lbs of rice, some 30 chicken, and over 130 lbs of potaotoes.

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Sisters freed on transplant condition

Friday 7th January is a day, sisters  Gladys and Jamie Scott will long remember, as it was the day they left prison,  for the first time in 16 years. .

The sisters freedom, however , comes with an unusual condition.Gladys has one year to donate a kidney to her ailing sister.

The sisters who are black were in 1994 convicted of armed robbery in Mississippi and sentenced to life in prison.

Reports are than on Christmas Eve of 1993, they were involved in robbery that netted them $11. They was said to have lured two men onto a dark stretch of road, where they hit them over the head with a shotgun and then proceeded to robbed them.

The women weren’t eligible for parole until 2014.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour agreed to release Jamie Scott because of her medical condition, but 36-year-old Gladys Scott must donate the kidney within one year as a condition of her release.

The freed sisters are off Florida, to joined there family who has since moved. Now, with their life sentences for armed robbery suspended and their future uncertain. The unanswered questions of -are they a compatible match for the kidney transplant and who will pay their medical bill? still lies ahead.

They however look forward to moving on with their lives and aniouxly awaits seeing their mother and the five children they left behind who are now grown.

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Exonerated after 30 years behind bars

Cornelius Dupree Jr. after he was exomerated.

A 51 Year-old Texan man has been declared free,  after sending the last 30 year-old in jail for a crime he didnt commit.  

Cornelius Dupree Jr. on Tuesday 4th January, 2011, was exonerated by DNA evidences that proud this innocence.

Depree Jr, was in 1980, sentenced to 75 years in prison, for the rape and robbery of a 26-year-old Dallas woman a year earlier.

Dupree 20, when he was arrested in December 1979 while walking to a party with another guy named Massingill. Apparently he matched the description of a different rape and robbery that had occurred the previous day.

Reports are that Police presented their pictures in a Photo line up to the victim and she picked out both Massingill and Dupree. Her male companion, who also was robbed, did not pick out either man when showed the same photo lineup.

Court records about the details of the case are that ,  in November 1979,  the woman and her male companion stopped at a Dallas liquor store to buy cigarettes and use a payphone. As they returned to their car, two men, at least one of whom was armed, forced their way into the vehicle and ordered them to drive. They also demanded money from the two victims.

The men eventually ordered the car to the side of the road and forced the male driver out of the car. The woman attempted to flee but was pulled back inside.

The perpetrators drove the woman to a nearby park, where they raped her at gunpoint. They debated killing her but eventually let her live, keeping her rabbit-fur coat and her driver’s license and warning her they would kill her if she reported the assault to police. The victim ran to the nearest highway where she collapsed unconscious by the side of the road, where she was later discovered.

In 1980, Dupree was convicted of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He spent the next three decades appealing to the Court of Criminal Appeals where he was turned down three times. 

Depree Jr,  is said to have had at least two chances to make parole and be set free,  if only he would admit he was a sex offender. He however, refused to do so, constancely maintaining his innocence in a 1979 rape and robbery.  This saw him, serving more time for a crime he didn’t commit than any other Texas inmate exonerated by DNA evidence. 

Tuesday minutes after a Dallas judge overturned his conviction, Depree was said to continue to admit to his innonce with the comments,’whatever your truth is, you have to stick with it.’

Depree Jr, was reportedly,  released in July 2010, on mandatory supervision, and lived under house arrest until October. About a week after his release his DNA test results came back proving his innocence in the sexual assault.

His exoneration hearing was however delayed until Tuesday while authorities retested the DNA and made sure it was a match to the victim.

A day after his release, Dupree married his fiancee, Selma. The couple met two decades ago while he was in prison.




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