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March against crime in Mespo

Candle light march for Palmer

The first recored murder in St Vincent and the Grenadines, which occurred last Wednesday night in the Marriaqua area has caused the community to come together, in an effort to stamp out violence and crime in the community.

They will hold a Candlelight March and Vigil this Sunday 13th Februay 2011 from 6;30pm.

This latest incident has a group from the community by the name of ” Out  Ah Trouble Family”  calling on the community to come out, for a Candle Light March and vigil, against crime.

“The killing of “Palmer’ has placed the entire community in a deep state of shock. Thi…s type of violence should never be perpetuated against our hardworking citizens.”

” We the members of “Out Ah Trouble Family” of Mesopotamia are concerned with the increased violent activities that seem to have taken over our community and by extension our country. The last such despicable act being on Wednesday 9 February, 2011 when Edwin ‘Palmer’ Robinson was brutally gunned down in his business place. 
In light of the above we are hereby inviting you to be a part of our cause this Sunday evening.” a release from the group stated.
Persons will assembly at the Bennett’s Junction and march down the street turning right at the Police Station and then head to Cane End, and will end at the deceased residence. 

Followed will be a session of prayers and short speeches by various speakers.


Vincy on murder charge in the BVI

Come Monday 21st February Vincentian Keon Edwards, will be on trial in the British Virgin Island (BVI), for the murder of Monroe Thomas Jr.

Edwards on Tuesday 1st February, pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and was remanded.

Edwards, brush with the law stemmed from an incident which occurred back in March 1st, 2009.

Reports are that in March 2009, Edwards had an altercation at the night club ‘Diplomat’ in Long Bush, BVI.

Apparently the problem began when he was denied entry, as he did not fit the clubs dress code. He however forced his way in and was later removed by security after an struggle with a security Guard and person who came to his assistance.

He is said to have left and returned a few minutes later, this time properly dressed, he then approached the person with whom he had the altercation with earlier. Persons are said to have intervened. Edwards made several fruitless attempts to reach the guards, but was restrained.

Apparently he then stood at a distance pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The victim Thomas who was one of a group of persons outside was shot in the neck, and pronounce dead at the scene.

Edwards is said to have continued firing as he went towards his vehicle. He later fled the scene.

He was on the run but was later apprehended in the US Virgin Island.


Mauled body identified

A mauled body that was recently found in Murray Road, in Capital City Kingstown, in St Vincent and the Grenadines, has been identified as that of 41-year-old Sylvester Lee of the same address.

Lee’s, lifeless body was found lying face down on the premises of Joyette’s Auto Collision Works by an employee, and was said to ‘beyond recognition’ and appeared to have been eaten by animals.

Apparently Lee had a run in with dogs that are keep on the Joyette’s premises.

The father of two was later identified, bringing a closure to the mystery surrounding the mauled body found days earlier.

Meanwhile two weeks, after the partially decomposed corpse of a man was found close to the
main road at Indian Bay, police are still trying to determine his identity.
On January 5, 2011,  the man’s lifeless corpse was discovered, dressed in a green T-shirt and navy blue pants.

SVG, Police are said to be following a number of leads as they try to ascertain the individual’s identity.


Belto found dead on Bay Street

Earlier this week, a body found on Bay Street in Kingstown, St Vincent, was identified as that of a popular character around capital Kingstown.
The body is said to be that of Robelto ‘Belto’ Diaz, formerly of New Monstrose. Diaz believed to be in his mid-fifties was one of the few homeless persons who for years have roam the streets of Kingstown.
Reports are that the SVG Police do not suspect foul play in the death of Diaz.
Since that Diaz’s discovery there has been another, the second for 2011. This one was found close to the main road, not to far from the entrance of the Indian Bay Beach.
A foul smell, got persons attention, closer investigation revealed a partially decomposed body of a black male. He was dressed in a green t-shirt and navy blue pants and lying face down.
Investigation are still continuing as the Police tries to determine the identity of the person.
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